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“What if we can’t have anything in life. 

Yet the purpose of life is to give what we have.”

When I read these words by Wayne Dyer, I didn't know yet that they would build the essence of my purpose formula that I would develop years later. What they opened within me was a deep Knowing and the wish to fully understand what my purpose was in this lifetime.


In a similar way, in spring of 2017,



Let me share with you my story from pain to purpose and why PSYCHEDELIC BREATH rather chose me than was created by me. 



Since I was four years old, I have been asking:

“Who am I and why am I here?“


That question led me to live a very driven life till the age of 34 when everything seemed to fall apart with a massive burnout (more later).

My urge to understand my purpose, made me acquire a diploma in Psychology, careers in brand strategy and leadership development, certifications in Vinyasa, Thyroid and Yin Yoga, additional trainings in Breathwork, Thetahealing, Reiki and Spiraldynamik to publishing my art magazine ARTberlin to becoming a coach and mentor for purpose and human potential.


By now I have supported thousands of humans with PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, guided over 150 humans in becoming inspired breathwork teachers and I wittness my beautiful coaching clients to remember their purpose on a weekly basis. 


So far about this “visible” part of my life.

Let me take you to the more hidden side.


At the age of 14, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. What followed were three years of having my torso pressed into a plastic corset, aiming to correct my spine. Only two decades later, I realized how much trauma this had created on a physical and emotional level. I felt separated from life and from my love for movement and high performance sports. I was in constant pain. And I was afraid that my friends would judge me for the stiff look I had in the bracelet. I also wasn’t comfortable to be touched as a hard shell is about the opposite of feeling attractive in my body.  


Many years later, I had an eye opening moment in a healing session. I suddenly saw that my first strong encounter with breathwork happened within these corset years as I went through a rare form of physiotherapy that trained me in correcting the S curve in my spine by using my breath in a three dimensional way.


Age 31 marked another painful turning point in my life as I experienced a massive burnout that stopped my super active life for one full year. By that time I was pursuing a career that I actually loved, working as a brand strategist. 


Slowly but surely, dizziness, no appetite and zero energy were becoming a daily struggle till the point where I needed to realize that I wasn't able to work anymore.

I had to spend most days laying down on the couch, not being able to move, feeling incredibly helpless and lonely.


It was during that time that I started to explore alternative ways to heal from adrenal exhaustion. And so I visited a million healers and learnt a great deal about alternative medicine, functional and orthomolecular medicine and the emotional factors that had led to my burn out. As cruel that burnout felt, it also made me become radically honest with myself and the way I actually hurt myself.

Many years later, I had an eye opening moment in a healing session. I suddenly saw that my first strong encounter with breathwork happened within these corset years as I went through a rare form of physiotherapy that trained me in correcting the S curve in my spine by using my breath in a three dimensional way.

Eva Kaczor_Psychedelic Breath_edited.jpg


I knew I had to change the HOW within my life. One afternoon, while laying down, three values literally opened up in front of my inner eyes: Beauty - Connection - Inspiration.


This was the moment I turned the way I lived around. 


I said goodbye to my career in brand strategy and started an online magazine called ARTberlin.

I had no idea about art or journalism yet I knew I wanted to understand where artists drew their inspiration from to create mind blowing and soul moving pieces. And so I led hundreds of interviews and photo shoots, portraying the insights of great artistic minds.


Eventually I realized that I was asking spiritual questions without knowing any spiritual philosophy or even yoga.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-04-28 um 10.12.34.png


My mind opened, and my soul obviously remembered my love for yoga. Two years later I was sitting in a plane to NYC, ready to start my training as a yoga teacher. Coming back, I taught a class every day. Bringing my love for art and yoga together, I developed YOGA MEETS ART at the famous König Galerie in Berlin.


Later I created events with electronic music artists and established my second yoga format: YOGIS ON SOUND.


It was on Berlin’s dance floors where I realized another gift: I discovered that I was able to read humans intuitively, telling them why they were here.

As their feedback was breathtakingly beautiful. I started to offer Purpose Coaching sessions and, till today, helped many to realize who they are, how to share this with the world and why fulfillment only occurs when we are of service with it.

Let me share more about PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® specials and how to live your purpose  in the bi-monthly INNER GUIDANCE LETTER.

Psychedelic Breath_Burning Man.jpg


And then, after years of successful and satisfying teaching and coaching, it happened again: I felt unquiet, unfulfilled and found myself again asking: Why am I here? Please show me a way to use more of my gifts.


In fact: “Please use me”.


In spring 2017, I sat down in one of Berlin’s parks, closed my eyes and started to meditate. When my eyes opened again, I wrote on my journal pages:


„You will develop a highly spiritual yet physical practice that will help many to access their Inner Knowing and Calling. With it, you will travel the world and collaborate with your favorite electronic music artists.“


To make things short: This marked the birth of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®.

I started to experiment with Breathwork, electronic music and guidance. Acid Pauli came to my living room sessions and created a soundtrack that we premiered at Burning Man 2018 at the Mayan Warrior art car. 


The rest truly is history. And every day I am working on teachings, within the teacher training and the brand, I am reminded what intuitive entrepreneurship means: “Create what wants to become”.


I am excited and honored to meet you - welcome to the PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® tribe.

With warmth


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